Christmas Decoration Swap

We did one last year and I know I've left it a wee bit late for the keen crafters so I'm amending the rules a bit...

If you would like to play you need to, 
  • be over 18 or have your parent/guardian's permission to give out your address.
  • add a comment here AND email me your name, twitter/blog name and address
  • let me know if you would rather send a gift to someone in your own country or are happy to post abroad (I'll do my best but if you are alone in wanting to play in your country this may not be possible)
  • be prepared to make/buy a Christmas decoration and post it to arrive by 15th December (or as close as you can if sending abroad)

This year I think the decorations can be handmade or bought or a mixture! You could buy a bauble and paint it for example! (maximum spend about £5 but no minimum, if you can make something gorgeous for 30p go for it!)

There will be a theme and the theme is animals, of course there is a Christmas theme too, so giraffes dressed as Santa, Mary on a donkey, a festive ferret, the world is (almost) your oyster! (hmm Christmas themed sea creatures?)

If you'd like to sign up I need to you to have commented and emailed me by 10th November.

Also why not include a Christmas card with your favourite holiday recipe? Thanks for playing. Spread the word.

We'll need a minimum of one and a maximum of 20 to play. ;-)

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