Camping AND saving the planet!

Why do I camp? I've mentioned lots of the things I like about camping before. The peace and quiet, the sounds of nature, the smells of the wild, the smell of the canvas tent, seeing wildlife at night, just being close to nature, experiencing the wild.

Lots of people camp and many camp for the reasons I describe above. But we still like a few 'home comforts' don't we? Even the wildest camper amongst us. I take solar powered lights and string solar fairy lights around the tent. I like a comfy mattress, I love Twitter (no really?) so i need my phone and like to charge that. It's nice to read after dark when we camp in the Autumn (or, shiver, winter!) so lamps. I take a camp stove to cook food, etc etc

We draw the line at EHU (Electric Hook Up) though. No TVs, no heaters. But how to power things? what if you do want to have a slightly more technology orientated trip but you want it to be as 'green' as possible?

Well I have just been told about an amazing Eco Tent, a rather fab idea!

E.ON has teamed up with The Scout Association to create the ‘Tent of the Future’ which showcases modern technology and features a range of gadgets to help future campers. Key features include:
•       Vertical wind turbines that catch the wind and convert it into power;
•       Solar panels on the tent’s surface that harness sunlight and turn it into electricity;
•       Solar powered baseball caps with built in torches for bedtime reading and late night trips;
•       A portable battery that campers can pre-charge and use to charge gadgets and devices whilst camping;
•       An intelligent sleeping bag which regulates body temperature.

The E.ON Tent of the Future is currently on display at an international scouting Jamboree in Essex where 11,000 Scouts will be able to see how camping could be in years to come.

Apparently over a third (36%) of children won’t camp because they can’t charge gadgets! I found that quite shocking, because I'll be honest, while I love twitter I'd rather camp with no twitter than not camp at all!
So some of these ideas might really appeal!

Research also found that adults are hardier than youngsters when it comes to sleeping in the great outdoors. Some 40% of children said they were put off camping as it could be cold, compared to just one in five (22%) adults. Over a third of the younger generation were also put off by the idea of being close to creepy crawlies (36%) and sleeping in an uncomfortable tent (39%), compared to just one in six (18%) and 29% of adults respectively.(They need better sleeping bags is all I shall say!)

Despite the rain-soaked British summer and the reluctance of younger generations to get involved in camping, a quarter (26%) of UK adults will go camping this year.

The top five reasons for going on a camping break1 are:
1.      Cheap way to have a holiday – 54%
2.      Enjoy being outdoors – 50%
3.      Enjoy simple pleasures – 40%
4.      Get away from the pressures of modern life – 31%
5.      Brings the family together – 26%

Speaking about the findings and the E.ON Tent of the Future, Fiona Stark, E.ON’s Director of Corporate Affairs, said: “The UK has had a long love affair with camping, but we’ve found that this love is diminishing when it comes to the younger generation. As with most things, camping needs to move with the times and adapt to modern needs.

“Our Tent of the Future combines the benefits of traditional camping with a modern twist. In years to come, energy-generating mini wind turbines and solar power generating tent material could well be commonplace in campsites across the UK, allowing campers to enjoy the great outdoors, while still being able to charge their gadgets.”

Simon Carter from the Scouts Association added: “The Tent of the Future is really striking, especially compared to some of the more traditional tents at the Essex International Jamboree.  While we continue to teach the Scouts core camping and survival skills, we can definitely see huge benefits from the technology and innovations in the future.”

As energy partner to The Scout Association, E.ON is sponsoring the Scouts’ Global Conservation Badge and has produced an educational kit for Scout Leaders and Scouts, available at The kit helps Scouts attain their badge and also provides a variety of fun and engaging energy-related activities to help young people understand energy. For more information on E.ON visit

But you neededn't wait for the future because right now I have 2, yes 2, Solar caps to giveaway! They are rather cunning (and I was tempted to keep one for myself). You wear the hat during the day and the peak soaks up that sun, and then lets you use it at night to read your book! (or hunt for creepy crawlies)

The caps are a campers dream, not only will they protect adults or children from the sun, they turn into a head torch at night! They have a solar panel installed into the peak which provides one hour of light for every one hour spent outside during the day. It doesn’t have to be sunny to charge the solar panel. There is a switch on the underside of the peak that campers can use so they make maximum use of the torchlight during the evening.

The caps are a practical and environmentally friendly way for campers to generate their own light.

And to be in with a chance to win one all you need to do is enter using the Rafflecopter thingy. Thanks
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