Sometimes I look at taxidermy items on ebay ...

actually I do it a lot. I have a saved search for Victorian Taxidermy and get email alerts. What can I tell you. I blame my parents. Taken to the BEST MUSEUM in the whole world as a child I was hooked on tiny stuffed animals from an early age. Much like the man I admire, Walter Potter (see his work here). I discovered a modern day taxidermist who also admires Walter's work. She is Amanda at Amanda's Autopsies and her work is fabulous!

I have long wanted a tiny creature anthropomorphised as a Dr or a Victorian lady or gent, maybe as a barber shop singer form Edwardian days....moving on

So I look on ebay and a while ago I convinced my dear long suffering hubby that we NEEDED a stuffed red squirrel, a long dead victorian one obviously. He agreed! (we he grunted and didn't actually say no, which as all women know is a huge YES from any man) So I bid on a rather nice cased set of squirrels.

I lost. I chickened out at the last moment and lost the lovely rodents.

And then..

I found Tufty (as I have named him) and he is mine, I have won. I own a dead animal in a box. I am happy.

Now to convince hubby we need a group of rats in boating jackets....