We had a party!!! Yay!!and Pizza, and killing

Nothing like a party to brighten your Friday and yesterday was my Friday! So a Mexican Pizza party (sent to me by Domino's Pizza as a gift!) was just lovely!!

DD had spent the day while I was at work rushing about the house, decorating the house with balloons and flags, and stuffing the cute pinata with sweets in preparation for the evening.

We invited friends round, bought in the beers and I stopped in at our new Domino's Pizza place on the way home (handily one has just opened only 10 minutes from our house). The service was really good, I was impressed, obviously the shop is new so  it's all a bright, clean and sparkly, but I liked that you can watch your pizza being made (and they have a status screen too, which i think you can access online if you order online - I'm easily impressed!)

I haven't had take away pizza in ages and had not tried Domino's before so was quite keen, especially to try the new Mexicano Pizza (which Twitter had warned me would be spicy).

DD is a coward and so she had a plain cheese and tomato pizza! But my friend is a vegetarian so we tried that one and the chicken one. I'll leave it to you to try the beef one and let me know what it's like!

We enjoyed them very much, they were spicy but only when you hit a chilli! And the first reaction from DD .. "They look just like the picture in the window! That never happens!" Also we went for a basic stuffed crust - I don't know where I've been but I've never had a stuffed crust before (insert your own rude joke there) and it was really good, although the dog was not happy as there were no 'pizza bones' left over for him!

The party was great fun. I would buy Domino's Pizza again, it's not the cheapest pizza you can get, but it was quick, looked great and was delicious. Perfect for a party or special occasion.

Killing the pinata

Thanks Domino's!

What is your favourite pizza?

  • Looks 9/10 
  • Value For money 7/10 
  • Usability/Usefulness 9/10 
  • Fun 10/10

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  1. that looks like such a fun party!!i love dominos pizza!!i make my own and have meatballs onions and jalapeƱos or green peppers!NOM


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