Camping, fabulous (semi-wild) camping

So, DD and I met up with my brother and his children and we all went camping at Dernwood Farm. It's sort of wild. There are flushing loos, running (cold) water and it's pretty busy but it's just a field, no marked pitches and you can have real fires (which was one of the main reasons we picked this site and was a great addition to camping)

There is a long walk from the car park but that's a big plus as there are no cars on the actual site to worry about. No danger for the kids and no car noise. (and safety for the many toads on the site)

We visited Hailsham Leisure Centre on the one day it rained and the girls had great fun on the flume and in the pool. We also did a quick bit of charity shop shopping.

On  the Sunday we went to Hastings and the girls played on the extremely windy beach.

On the Monday wewent to Heathfield for the french market (in full moustache mode), made candles, bought bread and generally had a fab time.

And every night was fire and marshmallow night.

Now we can't wait for our next adventure!

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  1. Love the moustaches, love toasting marshmallows and have spent many happy days on Hastings beach.
    But no-one can ever get me to love camping.
    Gimme a soft bed and an en-suite bathroom any day.
    Admire your sense of adventure though x


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