A trip to Lewes, where I didn't buy anything dead

I've had the last week off work, and am due back to work soon, so as a family we have had a few days out. Today we went to Lewes and I managed to fail to take any pictures at all! Never fear you can always visit Google Street View and check some of it out for yourself.

We started at the Flea Market in Market Street, and despite some quite amazing old taxidermy examples I managed not to buy any dead things, not the crazed badger, nor the weird fox, not even the evil stoat...

Moving on down toward the river we browsed in the window of the Tattoo, Jewellery and Accessories shop 'Tizz', and then decided maybe it was lunch time. 

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 We ate upstairs at The Riverside and I had a cheeky glass of wine (it wasn't really cheeky, it was just a glass of wine), Mr TM had a cheese sandwich and tea (because that's what he likes) DD lied about her age (!) and had the kids meal, and I had a full English breakfast because it was lunch time and I am contrary like that. DD spent the lunch time gazing at the cutest small sleeping baby at the next table.

After lunch we wandered through more lovely antique shops but a stuffed dead baby fox, two dead ducklings and a stuffed budgie still didn't tempt me to part with money, and a red squirrel for £100 made me kick myself AGAIN for failing to win the Victorian Taxidermy I was bidding on on ebay yesterday. Oh and a mink stole freaked DD out completely!

However we did find a bargain hoodie for DD, the sort that zips right up leaving only eye holes! So she was happy.

And then home we went, for tea,dog walking and an evening of TV and blogs. We had perfect weather too after a misty start. 

What were you up to today? Been anywhere nice?

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  1. I love Lewes. Lovely little town to spend an afternoon in x


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