Camp Bestival, in which there is a photo of me dressed as a horse

Last week I went to Camp Bestival again ….

I hope you read that in your Daphne Du Maurier voice..
As usual (this was my 3rd year) it was FABULOUS with capital F A B U L O U and S.
   I find it hard to tell you how wonderful and full of excitement and things to do it was as the entire weekend spins by you in a haze of delight, from Circuses with Performing insects, via Wall of Death Riders, past lone pianos in fields and music and food… Oh there a good place to start, the food.

This year we decided cooking was too much of a faff especially as the food is great at Camp Bestival and really not that expensive (yes it’s more than the local chippy, but it’s in a field! And it’s mostly fresh cooked, local and delicious) so we started with trying to eat all the pies. Failed miserably as there were just too many to try! Day one saw us eating a Higgidy Pie (Beef and Ale) and while the Delicious Matador Pie from Pie Minister on day 2 was amazing it’s fair to say that the Higgidy Pies won our hearts. (and stomachs)
My vegetarian friend tried a Grumpies Pie and was keen enough to try to get another but time and far too many things to see and do meant that sadly never happened. We also had a rather lovely cream tea (with real clotted cream) at The WI tent for a bargain price, and the 12 year old girls that accompanied us had large wedges of homemade (gluten-free) cake. I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of information about the food,, the availability of vegetarian and also of gluten free food.
We also sampled pasta (bolognaise and a vegetarian pesto), Wood fired Pizza (simply delicious), Fish and Chips (a bit disappointed to have to pay 50p for sauces! But food was great and you got a fair bit of sauce for 50p)
We started each day with my festival favourite, a bacon (and sometimes bacon and egg) butty at The Grill, and often added a smoothie (strawberry, pear and apple) from the Smotthie satll next door to start off the day with a boost! Also gallons of coffee were drunk. I didn’t use the bar a lot at Camp Bestival this year due to the long waits – it was the most sober festival I have attended on that score! But a pint of cider on my last night was lovely.

But what was happening? What did I do except eat! Well everything,
I’ll add photos so you can get a flavour, but there was shopping, dancing, walking, watching movies, comedy, filthy comedy, Kids comedy, music, dancing, bubbles, comedy, Keith Allen, Dick ‘n’ Dom, Fancy Dress, charity work, crazy golf, a funfair, Jimmy Carr, Rolf Harris, Rizzle Kicks, dancing, walking in the woods, art, and so it went on, seriously we were all exhausted, if you are wondering ‘will my child sleep ok in a festival tent?’ let me tell you – every one will sleep!! You’ll be too tired not too!

The firework finale was, as ever, fantastic.

Oh quick note on a much asked question – what of festival loos! Well in general Camp Bestival has the cleanest loos of any festival I’ve been to. They are port-a-loos so they are not posh, (there are compost loos in the festival too (see more shit that you have ever seen before!) so expect portable loo type loos, bring wetwipes, hand gel and loo roll. You may also want to invest in a ShitBox and a Travel John, Just in case – but I’ve never needed to use them.

Will I be going next year? Is Lulworth Castle in Dorset???!?

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