Why I love camping

I adore camping.I love tents. I'm fairly sure that many of the reasons that I love camping will be the reasons you hate it.

I'll start at the beginning, I love the smell of a canvas tent, I like the anticipation of packing for a camping trip. The look at the list,checking the food and the booze. Packing the car,(I have a Fiat Panda so it's car Tetris every time)

And then the drive, either to a site I know and love or to a new exciting site where who knows what I will discover.

Arriving, unpacking, laying out the tent, pitching, happy in the knowledge I can do it all by myself! Sending DD to fetch water, and other small chores. The sun (or rain) and the knowledge that as soon as we are finished I can cool off with a beer or warm up with a tea.

Sitting in the fresh air,watching the other campers, listening to the sounds of nature, the wind in the trees, bird song, bees. Walking around the area seeing what is going on. Snoozing on a rug, reading  a book, sipping a Pims. Playing Frisbee with DD...

And later cooking outside on a BBQ or my camp stove, eating sausages or stew, more booze, more tea, hot chocolate and then bed...

Snuggled warm (with many layers plus hat) in my mummy style sleeping bag, on the mattress next to DD. Listening to the animals outside, the tent flapping, rain on the canvas, the smell of the tent.So peaceful, sleeping from dark until dawn. Waking to birdsong and the thought of a fully cooked breakfast, with local produce if I'm lucky...

And sometimes all of that is combined with the added fun of a festival. Sitting here now I'm making myself yearn for my tent...

Camping, total relaxation, and always plenty for kids to do, from exploring to chores....what's not to like?


  1. Anonymous24/6/12

    Totally agree


  2. Anonymous29/6/12

    I love camping! Sometimes I will even set the tent up in the backyard, just so I can imagine I am camping. Matter of fact, I think I will be doing that today.

  3. Love camping! There is nothing as satisfying as the sleep you have in a tent after a whole day spent in the fresh air!

  4. I've just started - glamping in a yurt last year, and camping in a tent for a couple of festivals this year. But I must admit I'm loving it - maybe with a little glamping twist though ;o)
    We did invest in a tent that blows up in 3 mins though!
    I'm posting my ultimate camping list tomorrow - would love to know what you think as you are such a seasoned camper!

    1. I'll look forward to it! Did you see mine? I started a list after we went away with no clothes once....


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