Very random rants

Weird. this week I bought a laptop so here I am, tapping away, in the lounge, hubby is listening to the radio and muttering 'well at least I see you while you are obsessing on the net' so I'm not sure if this is an improvement!

and now I'm here with the whole world at my fingertips what to rant write about?

oddly i don't really know!

Today I finally realised I'm totally bored of politics. Bored of the name calling, the constant new discoveries of indiscretions, the moralising, the stupid ideas, the good ideas that never come to fruition, the way each party takes umbrance at anything the other party says. I'm over it.totally. I may just draw a rabbit on the next ballot paper I'm given.

Second tiny rant, and one that many have ranted about much more effectively than me, is bloody pink. I have a daughter. We are drowned in pink. Need a new T-shirt, pink! Fancy a pair of knickers? Pink! Purse? Handbag? Hairties? Pink! Toys...PINK! every damned thing.

 I have noticed for ages that 'girls' toys are packaged in pink but now I'm noticing that all toys are being given gender and packed accordingly. Today's horror was aV-Tech Camera. Blue (for boys) or pink (for girls). And notice the boys will warp faces (what fun!) while the girls will add (pink) wigs (how girlie) I was horrified, genuinely revolted and angry. Why not just make fun, primary coloured toys and let kids CHOOSE a colour!? Later DD wanted to buy a hoola hoop. I refused to buy one in Tesco, you guessed it, they were deemed girls toys, so only available in sparkly pink!