Well, the Jubilee was a bit of a wash out in our house. DH is failry anti-monarchy so the bunting was subdued (allowed on 'my side' of the house only!) and poor DD came down with a horrble cold on Sunday afternoon causing her to want to stay in bed (on a holiday!!) 

The cold also meant that there was no chance of a trip to the Arundel Lido on the Monday. A Monday where we also had a street party invite which due to cold and rain we also didn't attend. All in all a rather sad Jubilee. 

We did however, find time to bake some jubilee cakes, and make most of a sock bunny using instructions from here, although we are out of stuffing now so he is pathetically skinny until our ebay order arrives.

Red(ish), white(ish) and blue(ish) cakes

We also found time to watch the rather fun Jubilee Concert, causing merriment in the house when DD said "At least Cheryl Cole isn't on the bill" only 3 minutes before Miranda Hart announced that Cheryl would be singing with Gary Barlow! Our fave bits were Jessie J, Tom Jones and the light and firework displays, we also enjoyed Grace Jones (talented on the hula hoop) and Madness who are just always fun.

How was your Jubilee? What did you get up to? Did you love it or loathe it?

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  1. Love the sock bunny!

    I took the family (the wife and 12 week old daughter) into Bedford for the festivities, and this culminated in me getting a union jack tattoo at a leading bedfordshire tattoo studio!

    I was gutted to have missed Madness on the tele, were they any good?


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