Ranting about sex and children

This morning a news story made me have a quick twitter rant. (just look at the poster ad!)
The rant was only a few tweets long. 

Rant mode engaged 

Free contraception for 13 year old girls to prevent teen pregnancy! Really? Not free condoms? Not any sort if support? 

Because of course, GIRLS getting pregnant is obviously GIRLS fault. No boys involved. No young men. And if 13 year olds don't get pregnant.. 

We can then ignore the fact that children are having sex. Having sex might be fun, but it's not a game. Pregnancy is not the only risk 

But hey, we can vaccinate GIRLS against hpv, we can give GIRLS drugs so they don't get pregnant...GIRLS are not sex toys 

 End rant (thanks radio 4) 

And then the more I read in replies and saw on twitter the more rage I felt. And while 140 characters is too short to express my rage I think maybe an unlimited blog is too many. I will waffle and go off the point (see I’m doing it already) So I shall attempt to briefly explain my concerns. 

I am not anti contraception for people that are going to have sex and don’t want to get pregnant. 
I am keen that children are allowed to be children and that they are not growing up to see sex as something that is ‘normal’ to do at an age that is illegal and physically (in many cases) dangerous. 
I do not want to see young girls controlled by boys who use sex as a way of dominating while declaring ‘love’.
I want all children, young adults and adults to have access to safe and reliable contraception and sexual health advice and treatment. 
I want the world at large to stop implying that ‘getting pregnant’ is the ‘teen mum’s’ fault. That girls are the only ones that need ‘watching’ and ‘controlling’. 
I want young women and young female children made aware that hormonal contraception carries a risk and won’t protect against many of the other dangers of sex. 
I want children to learn that sex is ace, but that it is a responsibility as well as fun and that waiting for the right person (or people) is not silly – it’s nice. 
I want young women and men to know that penetration is not all it’s about. And that sex and love are not the same thing. 

I want roses round the door and blue birds to sing when you meet ‘the one’ and I’d like hearts to appear in your eyes when you are looking at the one you love. 

That’s not too much to ask surely? 

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