My Top Ten Celebrity Beards

I'm a tad tipsy, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm on a second glass of wine, I'm blogging about beards.

I love beards. I'm a feminist, I like that woman can do anything that men can do and vice versa - but obviously that is 'within reason' - biology makes us different and I love those differences. I like women to be 'feminine', soft, hair free, (also 'within reason') pretty, (I'm sorry but I do!). I like men to be rugged, manly, hairy (yes all over) muscular, and BEARDED. I love the beard.

So here is my top ten of sexy famous beards.

In at Number 10, Brad Pitt, now I'm not one of his crazed fans that adores his 'perfect good looks' but I admire his facial hair, it has a 'devil may care' attitude that I like, he wears it trimmed or wild and wild is good, no 'namby pamby' designer stubble for Brad, oh no, Angelina gets the full tickle.

At number 9, Johnny Depp, now I know his beard is very small, and maybe even puny , but it's still a bit 'rough and ready' and seriously, johnny Depp is under it! and imagine running your hands through his beard....mmmmm

at number 8, George Clooney - I've never been a huge George fan but he does have 'come to bed eyes' and he rocks a beard

at number 7, Sean Connery, yes yes I know he is a bad man and a mediocre actor but still his beard calls to me, that and hish schotish accent.....yes please Sean

at number 6.5, Tom Selleck, who slips in with a moustache to die for and awesome chest hair. Yes he looks like a 70s porn star, but I still would

at Number 6 I'm sneaking in the sneaky Rowan Atkinson, and the sneaky Blackadder, Suave, bearded and slightly evil

At Number 5,  Sendhil Ramamurthy, remember him in Heroes? oh yes! Lovely facial hair my friend.

and at number 4, Will Smith, yum yum, what's to say Will is lovely in every way and despite his daughter's awful song, I still love him, with a beard, even more so.

and at 3.5 (is this cheating?) Bruce Willis - sexy in stubble, and gorgeous in beard!

at Number 3, Aidan Turner, he is my dream man with out a beard, I almost faint when I see him with a beard....mmmmmmmmm

at Number 2, Hugh Jackman...I can barely speak....

and at Number 1, the KING of the BEARD, BRIAN BLESSED

How about you? Beard fan? or beard hater? why? Do leave a comment, and a link to any fabulous beards I missed from my list!! Thanks

PS I'm faint with excitement. The KING OF BEARDS himself has seen my post. 

If you are visiting because you saw the tweet I thank you. (and my twitter name is @tattooed_mummy sorry Mr Blessed) 

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