The one where I rant a bit about reviews

This post is sure to mean I am never approached by a company to review a product ever again. But that is not my intention.

I opened my Google Reader to read 11 new posts yesterday and they were all reviews. All of them, every one. 

And that made me think. 

I do not follow any review blogs or company blogs, I follow (vomits at use of phrase) mummy bloggers, and a few daddy bloggers and a few other personal blogs. I read them for the chit chat, the anecdotes, the mundanities of life that oddly seem either comforting or hilarious when put into a blog. If I want a review I go to amazon, or a review site, or I google it. Now before you all shout, yes I know, I have reviewed things here. I reviewed some Nakd bars (they were yum) and a mysterious magical toothbrush (it was amazingly effective) , I reviewed Vosene (more than once) and I reviewed a Nokia Smart Phone. So I am not immune to the lure of the 'freebie' and lets be honest, who doesn't like something for nothing!?!

But I at least try to be honest and I know it's hard to look a gift horse in the mouth; of course this means reviews of freebies tend to be good, many are glowing, does this convince me they are great products? not really? so is the advert (for gentle reader, that is what these reviews are) really even working?

I will post here and on twitter if I find something I love, whether I'm asked to or not, whether I am sent a freebie or not. And I will accept things to try, and then review them if they are something I would normally use or try and I will be honest.

I think the main thing about adverts is, that like the television, they need to be short, and spaced between quality programs because if not, the blog just turns into one long ad break, and I for one find the urge to fast forward....

Maybe this is not a popular view? maybe you love to find new things via a review on a friends blog? Do you blog reviews? Do you set yourself limits?  Do comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading...normal service will resume after this message from our sponsor......


  1. Amen sister! That is all. xx

  2. I completely understand why people do these reviews, and I hope they understand that I'm not interested in reading what "The lovely people at ....." sent them.
    I suppose I'm a hypocrite, because I do enter competitions occasionally. Recently, I decided to only enter personal 'giveaways' where the blogger gives awy stuff they have bought/made.
    Adverts are irritating enough without having my timeline filled with them. I know, I know, I know what's next. "Don't follow mummy blogs/don't read/unfollow". Well, I started following many before I knew what the main focus of their blog was. I chose not to unfollow because I think it's nice for them to have loads of followers so it looks good for the PR companies.
    And if I hear the phrases 'my blog,my rules' or 'if you don't like it, go away' again soon I will definitely swear. Even in front of all the 'lovely people'.

  3. When I come across blogs like that I like to yell that word I use on twitter that I'd rather not use on here lol

  4. Oh God, you have just hit the nail on the head!! "like the television, they need to be short, and spaced between quality programs" Thank you! I have to say I hate blogs that (1) turn into one long review and (2) aren't really a review at all, but a reposted press release with nothing subjective and (3) are for a product that is nothing to do with the content of the blog. I have been blogging since 2006 and I can count the number of reviews I have done on one hand, because I will only do reviews which are relevant to my content and which include a chance for my readers to win the product.


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