The one where Mr Tumble made me laugh til the tears ran down my leg ...

OK so to start I need to make something clear. I love Mr Tumble. I love Justin, and DD also loved watching him with Sarah Jane in the Higgledy House. So I was delighted to see him at Camp Bestival last year (and even....squeee! ... shake his hand!) and hope to see him there again this year, we like to learn makaton and he is very good at entertaining the children.....so now you know my admiration for him i can share my laughter at taking some of the Something Special magazine (the Mr tumble magazine by the BBC) out of context. If it doesn't make you snigger I shall wonder if we should still be friends.

Without further ado i give you................inappropriate Mr tumble picture No1

mr tumble justin something special touch me

In case you can't see it - Grandad Tumble (and a work colleague described him as 'more creepy uncle than grandad) has a speech bubble asking you to 'Touch Me!' Nice! well as you know I have touched Mr Tumble so I moved with delight to see what else the lovely Mr tumble was up to.

I'm not sure any explanation is needed for the other pictures. I think they speak for themselves, enjoy.

mr tumble justin something special hamsters

mr tumble justin something special excited

mr tumble justin something special grandpa
mr tumble justin something special kiss

so there you have it ladies, gentlemen and assorted Mr Tumble lovers!

And to show how much I really love him I bought the magazine and am giving it away to the person that makes me laugh hardest with a comment on this blog.....................go. (open to any country you like, but not posting to the international space station....) This offer now closed. Magazine sent under plain brown packaging to the lucky winner

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