A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.

Bloggers will know that sometimes companies ask you to review things and sometimes you think it is a good idea and review it and sometimes you don't. PR companies and representative (I assume) have various approaches from the 'just ask everyone', to the tailored, 'find someone that sounds from their blog like they are suitable for this product'.

I hope that the reason I was asked to review a revolutionary new toothbrush was because I'm a keen camper, and because I'm known to be trustworthy in my reviews - if I like it I'll say so but I'll be honestly critical if I don't. I am truthful, keen and friendly.........I would hope for world peace in the future, enjoy working with children and animals and will be back later in a swimsuit (dazzling smile).....sorry I was distracted - this isn't Miss World?

Well, I was offered the brush to test as I'm a keen camper and the brush is supposed to work without toothpaste or even water! if those items are not to hand (eg festivals, travelling light, trapped at the office, at your lovers house etc etc) personally I find if I remember to bring a toothbrush I tend to remember to bring toothpaste (or my new friend Lush Tooth Tabs) and water (even if bottled) is normally around, however - i thought it sounded fascinating. mainly I thought 'it sounds mad', if I'm honest. I mean *ionic toothbrush* really??

Just Look

"The Ionic toothbrush works on the principle that every element in nature has a positive or negative charge. This is called polarity. When the polarities are opposite, the two elements cling together. That's why dust sticks to your coffee table and why plaque, which has a positive charge (+), clings stubbornly to your negatively charged (-) teeth.
Dyna-Dental's new hyG Ionic Action toothbrush temporarily reverses polarity of the tooth surface from negative (-) to positive (+), drawing plaque towards the negatively charged hyG toothbrush head.
When you brush with a hyG toothbrush, a constant flow of positive ions (+) from the lithium power source temporarily reverses your teeth's polarity. This makes your teeth reject plaque, even in areas that aren't touched by hyG?s bristles."

I mean...really? sounds a bit....well.......

So I received the toothbrush. decisions decisions, should I wait to camp or test now? with or without toothpaste/water? what is a fair test? am i barmy? surely it is just a toothbrush?

 I waited a few days then could wait no longer. For 3 days I didn't use any toothpaste with the HyG Ionic Brush, just water - I followed the instructions and brushed...and 

Well it pains me to say this because I still don't really believe the science but....... my teeth felt excellent! Really shiny and smooth and clean, my mouth felt fresh and clean and no bad breath even with out any added mint!

I've since tried the HyG Ionic Brush with toothpaste and Toothy Tabs and to be really honest, I prefer it alone, it seems to work better. 

Would I have bought it from the product blurb?...no way! It sounds ridiculous. Would I buy one now?....well yes because it really does appear to super clean my teeth! So camping or not, I'd say it's worth a shot if you need a new tooth brush.

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.  ~Charles Gordy

The hyG toothbrush costs £10.25 and is available from John Bell and Croyden, independent health food shops, independent pharmacies and dentists.  It is also available online from www.pharmacy2U.co.ukwww.freshbreathonline.co.uk  and www.natural-alternative-products.co.uk

  • Looks 7/10 
  • Value For money 7/10 
  • Usability/Usefulness 8/10 
  • Fun 6/10

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