Magpie Monday

I hope I’m not going to get into trouble but today’s Magpie Monday is not something I bought but something I desire. Like the magpie I must have been in a former life I am drawn to the shiny, the glinting, the beautiful and like the woman I am in this life, I’m drawn to the frugal, the 2nd hand and the unusual. I adore retro items, beautiful things that conjure memories of past times as well as feeding my love of the fabulous in the ‘now’. And while at the Nineveh House in Arundel at the weekend, all these desires were fulfilled in some jewellery that has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The jewellery of Jenny Shutler at

If I told you that you would wear a fork as a bangle you’d probably think I was crazy, but if it was a gorgeous silver 50s cake fork, beautifully curled into a thing of pure loveliness, or a set of sugar tongs to clasp your wrist in a warm embrace, or even the sharp silver tines of a fork to dangle from you ears and catch the light like mini chandeliers you may change your mind . So today‘s Magpie Monday is a true ‘Magpie Moment’. I am adding these to my own personal wish list and hope to carry one off to my nest very soon….

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