What have we been doing in the sun?

Well we went to Marwell Zoo which was amazing and lovely.

The space the animals have there is great and the giraffe (our favourite animal ...almost) were roaming round a water hole almost as if they were 'at home' in Africa, on such a hot day we could be forgiven for thinking we were actually there!

We ate delicious Buffalo burgers while watching the buffalo (I loved that!) and we ate icecream while staring at sleeping tigers.

We sniggered at sleeping tapirs, and looked at the pigmy hippo grazing.

Rhinos amongst the blossom, and otters nibbling crab claws.

The day could not have been better! and we even have a new favourite animal, the fossa, slinky streak of madagascan killing machine that  he is!

So if you want a day out with too much to do - I recomend Marwell! Simples.

Oh I nearly forgot - buy your tickets online for discount AND avoid the queue to get in when you arrive!!

(Amazingly this post is not sponsored! LOL)

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