Magpie Monday and the further adventures of Mr Tattooed Mummy

So, last week I blogged this, as a link up to Magpie Monday. (If you didn't see it - pop over to have a read - the rest of this is only amazing if you know the back story)

And some bright spark told Mr TM 'he needed one for coffee'. Now we don't drink instant coffee, we have the real deal and it lives in the fridge in an airtight container, so I thought no more about this silly idea.....but Mr TM did not forget.

On Thursday we went to Chicester to row on the canal

(which is lovely and well worth a visit) and after an hour of lovely rowing (in a boat, with oars - not arguing!) , watching ducks, herons and water rodents we had a picnic and then strolled into the town. Unable to resist the lureof a charity shop (Chichester has many) we wandered into a few and Mr TM had (unknown to DD and I) his eyes peeled.......

So! after a trip to the Scope shop, and for the grand total of £4 we are now the proud owners of..............drum roll.............. three matching lidded jars!

but that ladies and gentlemen is only the beginning, for this jar was part of a set......

Including an actual sugar bowl

a small shallow unlidded bowl of no clear purpose (currently holding our dishcloth)

and last but not least two matching mugs!

So that's it! he wins again! I may as well give up! and he's forbidden to buy any more of these jars EVEN if he does see another one! Where are they from? who made them? are they local? we don't know! There is no makers mark! any ideas welcomed.

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  1. Hahaha that's so funny!!

    Maybe I'm like the fairy godmother of charity shops - I suggest it and then it appears to him! What would you like me to come up with next?!!

    You have a lovely little set there now, how fab. xx

  2. That is seriously spooky ! Pretty though. Why would so many people be donating that pattern to charity shops . Puzzling. xx

  3. Lol how funny :) nice little set you now have!

  4. ohh you never know what it might lead to this week!

  5. That is brilliant! I can't imagine they were thrown away because someone didn't like them - they must have broken the rest of the set. Their loss, your gain :)

  6. You can start your own shop soon!

  7. lol that really made me giggle...can't wait to see what you come up with next week ;-) x

  8. Anonymous25/4/11

    Fab find!

  9. Send a message out to the universe a la cosmic ordering and it works maybe cos you are helping charity and the universe approves.
    Well done.
    My lot of stuff is over at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com


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