Magpie Monday

Finally! only a few weeks late I have the post that is here to show you that not only mummies do Magpie Monday.

For these goodies were aquired at local charity shops (for local people) by none other than Mr Tattooed_Mummy!

He was on the look out for a container for the washing up brush ( we are a dishwasher free house hold - how retro) when he found this

Which I agree was very pretty and suited the kitchen. He planned to discard the lid and use the container, but then the same day after finding this gem (for less than £2) he found this!

which was instantly put to use, leaving the pretty lidded pot with no job! How lucky then, that I needed a new sugar pot!

Now Mr Tattooed_Mummy was very proud of his bargain purchases (both under £2) and flushed with his success he came home yesterday with a a treat for me.

While out with DD he had spotted another little something, that he couldn't resist.....

What were the chances! so now we have a matching tea container....watch this space, as Mr Tattooed_Mummy becomes a confirmed Magpie!

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  1. I am very impressed with your OH, you should send him out more often! Your sugar pot and tea container are lovely - great thrifty finds.
    We might have our first Magpie Mr! LOL Becky:)

  2. Clever Mr TM!!

    Shall I pee on his parade and tell him he now needs one for coffee? LOL.

    They are very pretty, I suspect it would make me want to drink even more tea - if that was even possible. x

  3. Very nice indeed!!

  4. It's funny how often you pick something up and find its pair so soon afterward, isn't it? The same has happened to me a few times as well x

  5. Tamzin Sharma @snugglefeet0318/4/11

    Wow, can't believe you found two of the same pots!

  6. Well done how great to find two!

  7. This week's Magpie Monday seems to suggest that cosmic ordering actually works. I used to have the thing you have your washing up brush in and have lost it! Hmmmmm! Very suspiciousl lol!
    My lot of things are over at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com

  8. How fab! He has a great eye and also a man who looks out for kitchen stuff ! He's a keeper : ) xx

  9. Anonymous18/4/11

    He did extremely well, and so thoughtful of him.

  10. One more for coffee, and a bigger one for biscuits!

    No seriously, what a great spotter. Mr Squeaky finds himself the odd book, and a game that's going to be part of a future Magpie Monday post, but nothing as pretty or useful as those pots.

  11. Wow! You just need a matching coffee storage pot and you're away. :)

  12. Good treasure hunting tattooed Daddy! You clearly have him trained up well ;-)

  13. Love finding the twin item - like the twilight zone - they were meant to be together lol. Very cute pots, and im a fellow dishwasher free home - hubby has become an expert at it lol Scarlett x

  14. Oooooh! That's freaky! Well done OH!


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