Donkeys are cute - and I have one to give away!

DD receives some scrumptious gifts at her birthday parties. Last year she was given a Stitch-it Donkey Kit, by not one but two people! and it was great fun to make! Simple sewing (so no sewing the wrong side and turning it inside out - just stitch and stuff!) and he is green (my favourite colour)

So we made one and toyed with the idea of making the second but then we thought, why not give him away! there are so many crafty bloggers (with and without kids) out there - I 'm sure one of you would love it! It's suitable for children aged 8 and up, and obviously the grown ups are welcome to try to win it and have a sew too!

2 things though, his ears are too sort to be a donkey in my opinion! and we used stick on googly eyes instead of sewing them, but otherwise ours was as he should be :-)

So what must you do to win such a fun treasure? well sadly you must live in the UK (it's me paying the postage!) or be prepared to pay the postage if you are that keen!!

 and then you need to tell me in 20 words or less why you want to win him, Simples!!

And the winner is @Summer_Faery selected by