And a Trip to Brighton, that wasn't work

So sunny we went to Brighton as Tourists on my day off last week, We went on the pier, ate seafood, and generally did touristy stuff.

DD and I went on the roller coasters at the end of the pier - I screamed like a girl and it was fabulous. DD was thrilled that one of them had a loop and as she had never been on an inversion coaster before she was beside herself with excitement. We went on, sat at the front and loved it! she wanted to do it again, but at £4 each I called it a day.

Here are some pics from our day. What is Mr Tattooed Mummy looking at?!


  1. I still say the pavilion is overly ornate for a curry house!

  2. I love Brighton - one of my fave haunts (and shopping mecca!) Scarlett x

  3. Ah, Winged Rattus Pavementicus and the Phantom Chip Snuffler. Two things I don't miss so much from living by the seaside in Blighty, but I do miss being able to saunter along a blustery british beach eating fish & chips.

    Thanks for the memories!

  4. I love that old arcade, keep an eye out for Carter's Steam Fair, it's doing the rounds in the UK at the moment, they have tons of great machines to play with, and steam-powered rides! http://www.carterssteamfair.co.uk/

  5. @Amanda's Autopsies it turns out that the museum at the Look & Sea Centre at Littlehampton has a small selection of old penny machines and a 'what the butler saw' too ;-) had fun there at the weekend http://www.lookandsea.co.uk/heritage.html

  6. Anonymous6/8/12

    I love Brighton. Some great pics. I haven't been to the Pavillion for years.

  7. I've always wanted to visit Brighton- living in Great Yarmouth you'd think I'd have had enough to seaside-y tourist towns but it looks like a great place to spend a weekend!! Thanks so much for linking up :) xx


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