How secret is your Santa?

Do you have a Secret Santa (aka Brantub) at your place of work? and if so how does it work? I'm really interested to know! (this is a cheat post really because I need you to comment to make it work!)

Do you all draw names from a hat? Do you keep it a 'cut me throat' secret? or is it more of an 'open secret'? or even no secret at all! Do you tell at the point the person opens the gift? or maybe let them wonder and only let the info slip out over time using clues? Maybe you never ever tell.

I've played in many secret Santas and I'll be doing it again this year. Some times I pick the name of a person I really like and then it's hard to keep it a secret, i can't discuss with them what I plan to buy of course, but also it's hard to pretend on the day, if they love the gift i long to shout 'me me it was from me!!' but what if they hate it? or look confused? I want to explain why I chose it or apologise, or maybe hope they never guess it was from me!

But what when you get a name of someone you barely know? To be jokey? or just fall back on chocolates or bath salts!

When I get a gift I'm nervous, what if it's really 'personal' like underwear! Was it from a guy? or a girl that knows me? was it a secret admirer as well as a secret Santa? or the office perv? or my manager! or someone who just knows I'll sweat over who it was from!?

One year I received a mouse mat (I work in IT) with a moulded 'gentlemans parts' on the front that when pressed uttered groans of pleasure. The gift was very 'me'. Rude, funny, clever. But I never found out for sure who it was from, some suggested that it was a young guy that I rather liked at the time, but others that it wasn't. I guess I'll never know!

I once sent saucy underwear to a woman knowing she would think it was from the guy at work that she fancied (he DID NOT fancy her) and she moped about him for weeks after until I told HIM that it was from me, I'm lucky to have escaped with my life I reckon.

What are your best and worst gifts from secret Santa's, both given and received. And do you like Secret Santa? Do you always join in? or sit out with a humbug......


  1. Anonymous17/12/10

    I remember doing a secret Santa one year, it was a very long time ago though! I think I'd be like you, nervous about what I get especially if it's underwear!

    CJ xx

    1. I think I'd die if I got underwear - don't know what I was thinking!

  2. I am in charge of Secret Santa at work - I see myself as some kind of secret santa high priestess - people can come to me with their santa concerns and I end up knowing who gave who.
    I love it. Everyone's name goes in a box and I oversee the draw.
    I must admit, I also manipulate it - in that I pick who I really like for my own giving (I work full time, I have a child I don't want to faff around trying to think of something, so I think of the person first - the gift is then easier), and I let a couple of people I like choose who they want to give too! (just to keep everyone happy!)
    I love seeing their happy faces - no one is aloud to give jokes. This is the voluntary sector we have to give thoughtful gifts.
    This year everyone was happy, last year someone got a dog lead (she was unhappy as felt this wasn't personal enough but all she talks about is her dog - there's no pleasing some people)

    1. I hate being in charge - the terror that it will all go wrong is overwhelming!


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