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Recently on Twitter there have been many cries of ‘what can I buy xxxxxx for christmas’ the first thing I thought was xxxxxx is an odd name! and what a coincidence that so many people know xxxxxx! 

But moving on, here are some ideas

You’re welcome

Grown Ups
Ladies 1st
Leather gloves (not for vege’s unless you hate them)
Books – some great books available at The Book People
Photo frame, or a digital frame/keyring
Hand bag organiser – I have one and I love, love, love it!
Watch – so many gorgeous and funky watches around at the moment.
Bag – anything from a shopper that has sections for photos, to a sparkly evening bag. You can’t have too many

Leather gloves (as above and bigger so they fit men obviously)
Books – some great books available at The Book People
Games, has he an Xbox? A Wii? A DS? Check out some of the new games around
Messenger bag – they all want a man bag, they are just to shy to buy one
Alcohol – unless they are teetotal this should be a good bet – you can even get personalised beer (which I did last year and is fab!)
Hoodie or T shirt with witty slogan, if it’s actually clever and appropriate they will like it and if not you’ll get a laugh and they can wear it for painting.

Kids (not your own, you really should know what they want! But those extra rugrats you need to buy for)
Dressing up clothes, so many great ones around, at Tesco, Woolworth (online) or ELC and I’m sure lots of other places too
Books – the gift you can open again and again, how about an audio version on CD? Or something a bit gruesome or interactive.
Board games

This page NOT sponsored in any way - but if anyone wants to send me free stuff that would be a delight! ;-)

feel free to add more ideas in the comments box!

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