In which our hero just rambles a bit

last time I blogged it was about secret Santa. we had ours. I didn't get a gift. yeah yeah i know maybe I was just 'too naughty' so Santa left me giftless, but in reality how hard is it? you opt in, you have 4 weeks warning to get the gift, there is a box to put it in. I'm not bitter and twisted* (*I am bitter and twisted) but it's mean. I was not the only person to miss out on a gift there were three of us. So out of approximately 20 people that played 3 people just couldn't be bothered. I wondered if when I returned after the new year the missing gifts would secretly arrive, but no. so there we go. Note to anyone organising a Secret Santa, either take a note of who each person has got to buy for so you can name and shame and maybe brand them or tar and feather them if they fail in their mission, or buy a few extra gifts for any 'no shows'.

I've been tweeting lots as usual and lately a few topics have surfaced. It seems lots of people are happy that Zane Lowe has taken over the Radio 1 Breakfast show but i find him way too over enthusiastic and energetic for the morning slot! playing new music is also fine, but 7am is not the time for big clubbing tunes in my opinion, and yes I am old (thanks to my follower on twitter for pointing that out!) but i like the right show at the right time and breakfast is a time to groan and grumble, to moan and mumble, to make crap jokes and play a few tunes (not too many) so I am longing for Monday and the return of Chris Moyles, my favourite Radio 1 DJ.

The last couple of days on twitter seem to have been all about some odd person enthusing over women that are the size of prepubescent girls, telling all women they are too fat and that anorexia is fun and the way to go for all 'females' (nice he doesn't even state our species he rates us so far below him) Luckily reading through all his tweets it seems he is a bit of a sociopath and has delusions of grandeur so i guess the men in white coats will be along to take him away soon, we can only hope. In the meantime, lest you worried, I'm a (UK) size 14, quite happy with that and am eating at least one cake each time he tweets - I say 'at least' as after I tweeted that idea he tweeted less and I still wanted cake.

Also I was excited on twitter to get a tweet from Rob daBank about Camp Bestival, I already have tickets and am wildly excited to see what acts he is lining up for this year. I have new wellies all ready to go! Last year was fabulous and this year I hope to plan better, catch more music acts and not miss so many comedy and literary events. I'm hoping to lure some of my favourite comedians and children's authors.

My little dog , the one with the brain tumour, is still soldiering on, showing signs of imbalance but no pain or distress so all is good there (all hail the wonder drug prednisolone)

The Archers had a special 60th anniversary 'shock' when Nigel (my favourite charater by far) fell of a roof and rather than end up paralysed in a wheelchair (a great story line that all on twitter seemed keen on) he was killed. This even took away the cosy happy feel to the archers so I'm no longer listening, it was the one 'soap' I still clung to, but seems it has joined the rest with it's depressing and unbelivable story lines.

In other news - today is 12th night and I'm not taking my decorations down until the weekend. This will end in tragedy.

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