You Know you're a mummy when......

A lovely meme nabbed from the blog of Christine at Thinly Spread

The rules are basic, write a little list of things which mark you out as a Mum (or Dad), link back to this post (or Christines!) (thank you) and offer the  meme up to some other bloggers who you think will enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if you have tiny babies or birds which have already flown, if you’re a parent I want to know what marks you out as one!

  1. You spend more money on clothes for your daughter than on yourself, in fact you only look at kid's clothes, you think about kid's clothes and you know her shoe size and dress size but are not sure of your own as the last time you bought yourself anything new was so long ago.
  2. You are a grown up but you do weekly spelling tests, make 'models' of anything from 'The Moon in a Shoe Box' to a 3d seed, and do regular 'times tables'.
  3. Your car contains a car seat and a spare, in case a friend needs to come, this friend will never be your friend, you do not have friends, your kid does.
  4. You have a calendar in the kitchen which is so full of appointments, parties, playdates etc that there is no room to add any more, none of these are about you.
  5. Tears at 3am make you move over in bed to make room for a 'small person', who despite only being 10 years old will now take up 45% of your side of the bed, you don't care though because you want them to sleep well.
  6. You would walk over hot coals to see your daughter happy, because you love her so much.
  7. You sometimes want to kill your child because she can infuriate and argue like a pro (see 6 above)
  8. You are an expert at creating a fancy dress costume at short notice from things you can find around the house.
  9. You understand the importance of a 'particular' bear and won't sleep either until it is found
  10. You never get tired of cuddles, chubby hands creeping into yours and watching (and listening) to your child sleeping.
So there is mine.....what makes you know you are a mum (or dad)?

Maybe I should ask specific bloggers to play - but I'm WAY too busy being a mum........

so just play along - pop your links in the comment box and I'll come have a read........when I get a minute


  1. Anonymous27/7/10

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! The chubby hands thing, the hot coals thing,the fancy dress thing, the bear thing...all of it! So glad you did it! xxx

  2. Aw, that's cute.

    You know you're a Mum when you say things like "please don't wipe your willy on the towel, use toilet paper". Then again, I suppose some wives of men say that too...

  3. Lovely list. You know you're a Mum when Miss Ten loudly announces in front of a huge audience at the Farnborough Air Show. 'Mum you're wearing a white bra!' and you reply 'Shall we put it on the tannoy?' x

  4. lovely lovely lovely :))

  5. If the flat they rented is awful and they need somewhere to live, the phrase "Mi Casa Su Casa" isn't just a quote from Pulp Fiction any more. In fact you say it without even thinking about what it means because you'd get your little girl back!
    She's not been little for a good few years mind you.

    Who says being a Loving Mummy or Doting Daddy ever really ends? Even after you've learned to let go and they've flown the nest.


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