Camp Bestival

Quick mini blog from the kids field. DD is trying to ride, unrideable bikes, i'm sitting in the sun with flowers in my hair, wellies on my feet and Pimms in my tum.
(did i mention it's compulsory to be a middle class yummy mummy to attend? It seems that way anyway!)
the festival is amazing. So much to see and do (and hear) Madness were great last night. This morning's showing of The Gruffalo made us all laugh, even the 'grownup' 10 year olds. The jousting was super, all rippling sweaty muscles, the horses were good too!
the toilets have been wonderfully clean! So no need (yet) of the shitbox!
the food has all been yummy.
there is WAY too much to do in 3 days, can't believe it's last day today!
we'll be booking for next year straight away! The best festival ever! 3 cheers for the organisers!
themes for the festival :- fancy dress, flower garlands, bubbles ......


  1. the toilets have been wonderfully clean! So no need (yet) of the shitbox!

    Did I catch just the tiniest element of disappointment there? ;)

  2. Oh yeah, you know she wanted to use that shitbox! Haha

    I'm so glad you had a lovely time :)

  3. Maybe next year I hsall brave camping with a 4 yr old! Sounds like a great weekend :D

  4. We went last year and loved it. Great music too - Florence & the Machine, Goldie Looking Chain. Was a bit weird to be dancing in the afternoon with then-6-year-old to 'Your Mother's Got a Penis'. A-hem.


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