Blogging via phone

Apparently i can blog direct from my phone. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because i often think of vital blog posts when i'm in bed or on the train and with no laptop my phone is my only access to the 'net. Bad because of course, i'm now free to spout random musings from anywhere, and without thinking long and hard, and with no read through or editing.....this can only lead to trouble! Still, it does mean i may be a ble to post a quick blog update from camp bestival at the weekend :-)

sent from my samsung b3310


  1. Ha, great isn't it? But you may find yourself doing shitloads of blog posts one after the other...

  2. You have already warned us as to the spasmodic frequency of your posts... We'll cope. ;)

  3. Ah but won't blogging on your phone interrupt your tweeting time? ;-)

  4. The good thing with blogger is that you can write things as they come to you, save it as a draft then put it into a coherent form later to publish the final version.


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