I've given myself an award. If you would like to give yourself an award I suggest you do it too.

All the blogs I read are really great, people are very talented, people share secrets or life stories they share their funny family moments and the pain they experience. People comment on blogs and offer support, they help and share to an amount that sometimes humbles me.

I play along, I blog too, sometimes it's funny, sometimes, ordinary, always from the heart.

We are all top bloggers. Take a bow.

Have an award.

Feel free to take this award for your own blog, and blow your own trumpet.


  1. Anonymous22/7/10

    Congratulations on your award - well deserved! :)

    Hmm now my blog is substantially lacking in awards at present so maybe I should jump on the bandwagon and award myself an award aswell :)

  2. We'll have to create some more for you or this one might get lonely!

  3. Good for you, your blog is brilliant and amusing too!

  4. Well done on your award! It is a lovely one, indeed. ;)

  5. Congratulations! I shall definitely accept your invitation to toot my own horn. Whoever said 'self praise is recommendation' was talking utter rot! :D

  6. I was going to give myself an award but the voices in my head vetoed it. Their bstards, always bringing me down.


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