Too angry and upset to type much

This story about how a women would not be able to look after her own baby made me so sad and so angry I don't even know where to begin. (social workers can now predict the future based on no evidence at all it seems?)

but I had hoped that when the baby was born all would be well, she'd be given support and the family would prove doubters wrong. Seems I'm too optimistic, she didn't even have a chance, due to MILD learning difficulties Kerry Robertson has had her baby taken away at a few days old (when she was trying to breastfeed exclusively as is recommended by WHO) and now can only see him every other day.

You can read more for yourself here. But if you are a parent (or even a teeny bit caring) I suggest you have tissues to hand and maybe a stress ball or punchbag!

Even if this does get sorted out and baby Ben is returned to his parents, he has missed out on vital feeding days, and his family have been traumatised and will be affected for life. I am ashamed, ashamed that this can happen in a country that claims to care about people. I am praying for her and her family because right now I don't know how else to help. (suggestions welcomed)

The couple have been allowed to see their son for two hours every other day.

Miss Robertson said: ‘Holding him made me upset all over again. I’ve told the social workers I don’t want him to have bottled milk or a dummy. I feel breastfeeding is so important and at least then he is still having some of me.’

If this had happened abroad say in India we'd all be saying, "oh but that's because they are not like us, not caring, not a state with money to help" etc etc

and oddly India does indeed seem different to us just look here

“Initially, we were concerned about the way the mother would react. But surprisingly, she is taking good care of her child. She has become very active, lively, mature and cheerful. Earlier, she used to be a depressed and quiet person,” Ratnam said. “Also, she very well realises the fact that Pari is her child. The name Pari was suggested by her only. She is very attached to her.”

A great debate on the rights of the FATHER in this case here


  1. It makes me what to hurl things out of the window and scream at the top of my lungs.

  2. I read this in the mail earlier and it disgusted me! Like you say only in the UK could this be done. It angers me that shes not been given a chance to prove herself and she clearly has some sense if she knows she needs to breastfeed and she is still keen to. Im praying for her that the poor little guy is returned to his parents soon!

  3. That's horrible. I hope she gets him back soon - one would think the father would have some say, too, and learning disabled is a far cry from incompetent. It sounds like someone just has it out for this poor girl.

    btw, there's a related post/letter at "one-of-those-women" encouraging social services to at least allow the mother enough visitation to continue breastfeeding properly. Since they already have the child, and so not seem inclined to give him back easily, the least they can do is allow the mother to bond and the baby to receive the best possible nourishment while they make their decision. The link is:

  4. It IS Disgusting - Try getting social services involved in a Genuine case and they run a mile.

    The 'Nanny State' and the 'Thought-Police' are not imaginary mumblings of the Nutter Brigade {:-((


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