The Positive Game

I've been a little fed up this week with unnecessarily negatively slanted news.

But wait! (I hear you cry) news is news, if it's bad it's bad, that's life!

Well you are wrong! as lovely hubby pointed out today, in 'the old days' much of our news was positive, even during natural disasters and wars. The media added a positive slant. So here today we read

What is delaying Haiti's Aid
in 'the old days' we would h
ave seen "Aid reaches Haiti!" with photo's of the aid that HAD arrived, not moans about what hadn't.

This has led me to begin playing - the positive news game! (at the moment on the BBC website only but feel free to play in newspapers and at TV reports of your choice.) Spot a 'negatively slanted' headline and make it positive! It's that simp
le. Give it a go. and have a more cheerful day.

here's one to start you off

Us Home Sales see steep drop in December = US home sales remain above year-ago levels

obviously I'm not saying there is no bad news but it really seems that the media love to wallow in doom and gloom. So spot the ones that could have been reported positively but the media chose to report negatively

Conspiracy theories will be covered in another blog post! (wink)