I admit it. I'm .........

apparently everyone can find themselves in a character from A A Milne's 100 Acre wood. There are almost too many silly quizzes to test this theory, but in reality you know.

I know my daughter is Piglet, a small and nervous thing, expecting the worst and needing her hand held to face the unfamiliar.

I know that some people I have met online are Christopher Robin, smart, practical, not afraid, 'sensible'.

I know some Rabbits - all organisation with no real substance..

And of course I know some Eyeores, for whom life is one disaster after another, nothing will make them happy all is gloom.

I would love to be Kanga. She is filled with motherly good sense and cheer, loving her offspring and his friends, doing 'motherly' things like baking and giving medicine when needed. I would love my daughter to be like Roo, excited, inquisitive, afraid of nothing...but I need to be realistic

I am Owl.
"He is always happy to offer his opinions, advice, and anecdotes - whether or not they are actually wanted. Owl also enjoys telling stories about his relatives, including his aunt who laid a seagull's egg by mistake and his Uncle Robert who once survived a very blusterous day."

I think I know so much. I think I am so clever, so much more organised than anyone else. My answers are always right. because 'I KNOW!' I can recall long stories and recite them whenever the opportunity arises. I may forget I've told them before (or maybe not!) but as they are good stories I will tell them again, I never tire of the sound of my own voice (others often do)......but like Owl inside I am insecure, needy and just want to be involved. Like Owl, I can appear stuffy and 'stand offish' but I love my friends and would do anything to save them, even if I would mumble that it was silly, I would still do whatever was needed. Because like all flawed people (and cartoon characters) I am not all bad.

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