Youch! I just made a terrible mistake

I bought some fruit this morning on the way to work, hoping to improve my diet (of which the main food group consumed is beer) and as I'm lazy I bought one of those little pots of ready prepared yummy fruits - melon, pineapple, etc all the good stuff you never buy because you can't eat a whole one before it goes off (or that may be just me, keen to return to the beer) and it was reduced to 99p so all is good - it's expensive but not that bad I feel ridiculous all day over it (in M&S they are £3.99 how crazy is that? I could buy a pineapple, a melon and some grapes and only eat a 1/4 of each and throw the rest in the compost and STILL save money!) any how the youch bit is........I stored it in the work fridge, didn't let it warm to room temp before lunch and now have to chomp on ICE COLD pieces of pineapple - note to self - buy some Sensodyne toothpaste

even stopping to type all this has not given it the warmth it needs, healthy diet and agonising teeth, here I come


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