OK Just a quickie

not sure how this strange thing happened but a weird conversation about food that I had with my daughter at the weekend ended with a bizarre question that made us both laugh so hard we couldn't breathe. So now I'll ask you (and I expect answers!)

What is your favourite dead animal?

(see now I'm giggling again)


  1. A dead spider, the only good kind of spider.

  2. I picked pig! dead , (sad) but useful as bacon (happy)

  3. Anonymous10/11/09

    I'm supposed to be reading a really long, stupid document then going home to carry on working on a long stupid job application. Instead, I'm listening to Thorr's Hammer and telling you that my favourite dead animal is fish, preferably very-recently-alive-but-now-virtually-dead fish.

  4. pheasant - the front of my car seems to attrack suicidal pheasant's!

  5. Anonymous16/11/09

    Bullocks! Alive, they're bigger than me and far too inquisitive when I walk through a field of them. Dead, and turned into rump steak, they're delicious.


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