Things kids say - more

she's at it again, only 9 but asking the world's best questions and coming out with the most hilarious sayings.

Yesterday's classic was as follows (in response to seeing me wearing blue pants/knickers)

DD "I like those pants"
Me "Thanks"
DD " because they are not PINK!" (she hates girly things)
Me "Oh! well you know how it is, people seem to think if you are a girl you love pink, most packs of ladies knickers have a pink pair"
DD "Well you could buy men's pants" (pause, she thinks then says)
"Oh no, you can't wear mens pants - they have a WINKY SOCKET!"

cue gales of laughter from us both

our favourite insult this week is now "You Winky Socket!" try saying it next time you are annoyed at someone - it's very liberating.

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