My daughter said something funny today

To be fair she says something funny most days, actually most days she says A LOT of funny things. I realise my child is not alone in this - it seems that all small people have the capacity to utter statements or questions that initially make us freeze and then collapse in hysterical giggles, sometimes the giggles start later - or when we tell a friend...

so this morning started well, she asked "why isn't every thing free?" and "Why do we need money?" this was sparked from the fact I had to go to work, and she had to go to school and we both agreed a day off would be nicer but not possible.

but the giggle factor came later. We listened to Radio 1 at breakfast despite the fact we had to hear Scott Mills (who I find irritating) rather than the lovely Chris Moyles (who is lovely but on holiday) and they played My Chemical Romance singing 'Teenagers', she listened for a minute and then said

"Is that the Tweenies?"

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