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there have been two baby and train related stories in the News today - one in India and one in Australia. They show the love and pain of being a mum.

In Australia a mum waits to catch a train, she hears it arriving, turns her pram to face the track, feels in her pocket to check for ....what? her keys?, her ticket? her baby's pacifier? what ever, in those few seconds the prams rolls away form her and onto the track, she lunges but slips in her haste and WHAM! the train is there, the baby is .......... gone. Just watching the video (from station CCTV footage) makes my heart hurt, the poor woman's anguish is clear in her body language, she can barely function, just clutch at herself and sway, but amazingly the baby is OK - yes really! you believe in God or Angels or Luck - whatever it was that baby had plenty of it.

My sympathies go to the mother - who no doubt will blame herself (and be blamed by others) for something we've all done, a moments inattention at a time when it should be OK - but wasn't. My sympathies also go to the train driver who no doubt could do with some time off...

and in story two.....

In India a mother is pregnant and travelling on a train, she feels a bit odd, her husband and children are sleeping, so she goes to the toilet alone, where thinking she needs to 'go' she pushes out more than she bargained for and the tiny newborn FALLS THROUGH THE TOILET ONTO THE TRACK!! the mother shocked and weakened faints, but on waking she quickly alerts her family who, after stopping the train, organise a search to find the baby - who is miraculously unharmed. (althoughh at 2 months premature is in the hospital now)

If there are Angels - the ones on the railways are working overtime.

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  1. whoa... thats wrenching just to hear about... thank God the children were ok.


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