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we had a super walk in the woods at the weekend. Hubby and I have come to our senses and discovered that punishing small person has less effect than just treating her like a small person (Ruth - your fault LOL) and she is, while still an argumentative horror on occasion, often very nice and reasonable. Last week she didn't want to come for a walk - so we left her at home - alone - she's 9 - she didn't die - she played with her dolls and ate biscuits. This week we convinced her to come with us - the walk was lovely and we saw some nice fungi - Posted using Mobypicture.com

where is this leading? no where.....

just I had a nice weekend, daughter went horse riding and we had a family walk (with dogs) and fungus foray on Sunday, then baked cakes

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and snuggled in front of TV to eat cake
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and watch The King of Wild survival - Ray Mears



  1. Oh blame me why don't you? ;)

    Raffy's a lovely girl isn't she?

    Those cakes look nommy.

    As does Ray ;)

  2. :-) I thought you'd enjoy me 'blaming a mother' although in a nice way.


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