Merlin (BBC 1) Drinking Game

Hardcore drinkers should use shots.

Those that wish to remain alive to the end of the show should use 'glugs' of beer/wine/cider etc
Or use marshmallows and the entire family can play.

  • A Knight appears shirtless – take one per knight
  • Merlin could use magic, but doesn't, for no real reason – take one
  • Arthur hits, slaps or verbally abuses Merlin – take one
  • Merlin drops something – take one, take two if it's apples
  • A wicked wizard/mage/witch/sorceress is visited – take one, two if they live in a cave
  • Gaius suggests a poultice – take one
  • A scene is set in a totally empty corridor in Camelot but it has lit torches – take one
  • Arthur suggests that 'we should split up' while searching – take two
  • Merlin saves Arthur's life but Arthur doesn't notice – take two
  • Arthur is unconscious during an entire fight or other vital scene – Take one
  • Merlin uses magic to fling someone into something while at the same time failing to actually kill them – take one
  • A Knight flies backwards in slo mo – take one
  • Merlin assists Arthur in washing or is in the room while Arthur washes – take one (take two if they touch – including 'horse play') 

Have fun! and don't forget that Zoë Marriott will be live tweeting it as usual!


  1. Never watched Merlin....but tempted now.

  2. Anonymous27/10/12

    Ok....two things that have now turned me onto Merlin, this drinking game and the lure of shirtless knights

    1. Both fine reasons for watching!

  3. Need to add the glowing eyes and dragon rules!

  4. I only found this after seeing your tweet (new follower) - this is excellent! I shall be thoroughly sloshed by the end!