Work makes Freedom

Its hard to know where to begin to comment on the bbc news story on Lord Bichard's comments about the retired.

 "Are there ways in which we could use incentives to encourage older people, if not to be in full time work, to be making a contribution?," he asked the rest of the committee.

 Twitter was fairly forthcoming, a quick search of his name revealed  most comments were along the lines of "what a fool". Some merely insulted him in anger while others had actual points to make about the nature of pensions, and retirement.

Bichard says retired people should work in the community to 'earn their keep.' In other news the cost of breathing is set to rise again.
Lord Bichard needs to get real. Threatening pensioners with cuts if they don't do community work is barbaric. These ppl have done their bit!
Lord Bichard says the retired should work for their pension!! After 50 years of paying tax and NI why should they?
Lord Bichard. You sir, are a complete t**t! How dare you suggest pensioners work for their pension? THEY DID THAT ALREADY!!!
Ha, politics today: "Retired people? They could be forced to work." Next week: children are pretty lazy, right?
It was frustrating to think that while he himself is retired (with both an enormous pension which he began drawing at 53,and a well paid job; peers can claim up to £300 a day tax free) he seemed of the opinion that most retired people sit at home, or in a leafy park drinking gin, cocktails or tea, while contemplating their navels. The reality seems to be that most retired people are either too ill to do much at all, or are working pretty hard already.

A quick glance shows that many volunteer posts are already held by retired people. From the staff at the hospital WRVS cafe, the charity shop, the school governors, to the WI, the scout leaders and guide helpers (though even guiding has a retirement age)

A great many retired people are unpaid carers for an ill or older spouse, or a carer for grandchildren so that their own children can work.

Many retired people have worked hard and still help out, they are not forced to, they do it because most people are basically good. If you make someone volunteer "by incentives such as losing pension" (that has been paid for!) It is no longer volunteering, it's work.

 I was raging pretty much all day yesterday and today my rage has settled to a gentle simmer - and a mild disbelief that anyone can think that someone that has paid into a pension via taxes all their life, that finally has the chance to stop working (as YES as was pointed out - even if a retired person DOES sit in the garden all day sipping tea, why not! that's what retirement is for) should be forced to continue. Coupled with the fact that the young people in this country are struggling to find work, and that he is suggesting (as Cameron has in the past) that doing voluntary work should be compulsory(!) this idea is so bizarre and strange I almost feel I must have dreamed it.

Please add your rant below (really I want rants!) I'm so angry my powers of ranting are seriously affected.

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