About Me

I'm Naomi,

I'm a 53 year old wife and mother, I have a 19 year old daughter (referred to online as DD) As of May 2016 I also have a Border Terrier. Fizz.

(Mr TM exists but is very secretive, he doesn't feature much)

I have a neurological condition, Charcot-Marie-Tooth (named after the three guys that discovered it, nothing to do with teeth!) or CMT for short. I write about it here or Check out the CMT United Kingdom pages for details.

The 'Tattooed Mummy' name is a silly moniker that stuck! I got my first and only tattoo at the grand old age of 40, finally joining the ranks of tattooed mummies. I still only have one tattoo, a dragon on the top of my left arm ;-) Not quite the tattooed lady that I expect you were imagining.

I love festivals and camping and have a whole blog devoted to that here.

Thanks for stopping by, do leave a comment if you liked a post.