Premium quality dog food put to the test by my premium quality dog

Guess what Fizz has been up to this week! She has had the best dog chore after testing dog beds, yes she's been dog food tasting!

title image collage with border terrier looking up, dog eating, and a dog snack

We were lucky enough to be sent a variety of flavours from the Webbox wet dog food range to try out and review. I let Fizz do the trying out and then I wrote the review - I felt it was best that way around, although maybe less entertaining for you, the reader.

When Fizz arrived with us over a  year ago she was incredibly fussy. Despite our careful planning and searching for the best dog food, she often went a whole day without eating and even then would only try a mouthful or two, because how does a human judge what the best dog food is? I can't taste test it myself! Luckily we finally found a quality dog food she liked. Gluten free and full of meaty goodness she was happy to eat Butchers complete, and later we added some James Wellbeloved gluten free kibble. Now she has a mix of those and enjoys them. So how would she take to a new food? A new taste?

I had a look at the ingredients first of course, because only the best dog food for Princess Fizz. Webbox Natural food is free from wheat gluten, and is a complete dog food (you don't need any supplements or extra mixers) . It has no colours or preservatives added either, so it lives up to the 'natural' name. It looks almost exactly like paté too - so careful not to confuse it and spread it on a baguette.

According to the feeding guide wee Fizz could have up to one and a half of the little pots a day, but I'm not so sure, and she doesn't want to get tubby, so we stuck to just one and some snacks from the Natural Treat bar range. (in the image below she's having half a tray for breakfast)

collage of images showing dog food and dog eating

The wet food foil trays will be great to take away when travelling and camping as the trays are small and light, and using a whole one in a day they will be better than big tins for little Fizz.

The treat bars are gluten free too and are 50% meat. they look a bit like protein bars! (do not feed them to your OH if they annoy you....they might like them) They are quite hard but you can cut them with a knife, Fizz had an inch as a chunk to chew and she really liked it. It took her a while to chew it all up but like the brave soul she is, she soldiered on and ate it all.

She was suitably impressed with the Duck Paté too, snuffling it all down very quickly and licking her bowl to check she hadn't left any. Other flavours include Salmon, Lamb, Chicken and Beef.

Border terrier eating from a dog bowl

So Fizz is happy to give Webbox Natural wet food a ten out of ten for tastiness, and the treat bars score highly too. They include the super festive flavour Chicken with Duck and Cranberry.

I'm happy to give it ten out of ten too. It looks nice, is easy to serve up and being a complete food it's nice to know that that's all you need to serve up to keep your dog happy and healthy.

gif of border terrier yawning
Exhausted from all the eating

You can buy Webbox dog foods (the paté foil trays are 65p) and treats at Morrisons, Asda, Ocado, Tesco and Sainsburys, and even online via Amazon.

border terrier looking at dog food packs

I was sent product free of charge for the purposes of the review but have received no other compensation and all views are my own (and Fizz's)

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