DD is 18 and I'm not sure if I'm still 'mummy'

This month DD turned 18. She's an adult. While she still has a few months of sixth form college left, she can drive, and she can buy booze (though she is teetotal) and she can get married and vote.

For the last 18 years I've been 'Tattooed Mummy' (well only tattooed for the last 12 years but still...) and now I wonder, when you have grown up children are you still mummy? I think I've moved into 'mum' territory, and it feels like a big change - I refuse to let DD call me by actual name though!

I'm so proud that DD has turned out to be a (mostly) lovely teen. Caring and polite (untidy and lackadaisical), helpful (when asked) and reliable; but now I'm more mum than mummy, fewer cuddles, less being asked to 'kiss it better' if she falls, more asking what time she'll be home.

I think my role now has moved into the advice section, no longer am I the all-knowing one, but I still have my uses, explaining how tax works, telling her the best places to get petrol, and suggesting ways to crisp up her roast potatoes, so not totally useless quite yet.

DD didn't want a big party for her 18th. Saying she didn't want to drink and most of her friends are underage anyway, so that in the end it was a quiet family affair.

I sort of miss throwing toddler parties if I'm honest. (Parents of toddlers reading this in amazed horror - no really I do!) Toddler parties can be themed and have simple games, young children love to play pass the parcel, enjoy jelly and will eat egg sandwiches without fuss. Teens demand specifics, some want alcohol and a houseful of other random drunk teens.

So when I was asked recently by Party Bags and Supplies if I would like to review a themed party set I was disappointed that I couldn't leap at the chance, I toyed with the idea of having a Star Wars themed party for Mr TM (who is about to turn 71!) but he's not really a party animal either (must be where DD gets it from).

If DD was turning 8 instead of 18 I could plan a party around pets or Mario Karts or Super Hero Girls. I could choose Minions or Hello Kitty, Jurassic World dinosaurs or mad scientist (actually mad scientist is so cool I might get this for MY birthday next year - we could make cocktails in test tubes...) or maybe I'm more My Little Pony...

Party Bags and Supplies really is a cool site that helps you sort a party out all in one place. Plates, table cloths, cups, napkins, party bags and gifts, all sorted at reasonable prices. The even have those fun cardboard cutouts for maximum selfie fun!

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