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Random Acts of UnkindnessRandom Acts of Unkindness by Jacqueline Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There were things that annoyed me in this book. The repetition of the main character "what if it was your child" to everyone she meets who has a child...maybe that's realistic but as a reader it just feels lazy, yes we get it, your child missing is horrendous, we are reading all about it, we don't need a regular prod to imagine it's us. The bit about the shoulder blade (see previous update comment) grates a bit with me and there were some other bits too 'baby left on a doorstep' vs 'baby left in a phone box' which was it? Don't jump between the two phrases, it's a crime story, facts need to be precise. And the ending was annoying and inconclusive. Maybe because this is the first in a series but even within a series I like my books to be able to stand alone. The actual (enormous) crime did seem strangely ignored when it was finally discovered. Not much seemed to be made of police officers being murdered, or of the main crime scene when in reality surely newspapers would have been all over it and doing plenty of probing of their own regardless of the police.

That said, the story was interesting, very emotional at times (witness my red rimmed eyes and public crying face) The links to real missing child stories and the interweaving of the fictional parents was good. In general the writing was clear and pacey, if you like crime thrillers you'd enjoy this and I hope that as she writes more Jacqueline will get into her stride. I look forward to reading more about our flawed heroine and the team.

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