My Family and other animals - our story

Once upon a time a family bought a dog. They didn't plan to have children so a dog seemed a nice way to have that patter of tiny feet. The dog in question was a border terrier named Diesel. He settled into the home as puppies do and soon was the darling baby of the family.

border terrier laying in the grass

He was happy to lounge about the house or spend all day in the countryside. Flexible with his exercise he was the perfect house pet. Equally up for a cuddle or a run in the garden, or just a snooze in front of the TV. And so time passed.

Then the family decided to have a child after all. But what about the darling baby dog? Wouldn't he resent a mewling squealing baby? Wouldn't he feel annoyed at being banished from some rooms, and from furniture? The family thought about this a lot. And when the mummy was 4 months pregnant, and just starting to get a little bump, they decided to buy a puppy, something to keep Diesel busy when the baby came.

And so Jeep arrived. A small bundle of excited nipping, widdling fun. A border terrier like Diesel, she spent the next month or so annoying him until he loathed her. They had to be kept apart for fear he would hurt the new tiny pup. But just as the family was starting to think they would never get on...they became best buddies, well maybe not that, but he tolerated her and she adored him.

baby asleep in a Moses basket

So this story is about me and my dogs obviously. When DD was born both dogs seemed fairly relaxed about the whole thing, a few sniffs at the new baby and then they carried on as before. We had stair gates, playpens and dog cages so that everyone was kept safe. The dogs grew to love and protect DD.

border terriers in a bluebell wood

When DD was almost in her teens both dogs got ill, Jeep first with a brain tumor and she left us in 2011 and then later Diesel left us in 2013, he had became old and forgetful and had other health issues. After losing them both we waited 3 years, 3 long quiet and mud-free years, before deciding to get another dog.

We first looked at rescue, since DD was grown up, but were told that there were no dogs suitable for us (I know - we were rather surprised too) and so we located a puppy, a border terrier of course, and now we have Fizz the queen of the house!

border terrier head photo

I found that having a puppy with a baby was no worse than having a puppy with a teen. Puppies are hard work, they need time, patience, and cleaning up after - they also need training! but it's lovely to have a dog in the house again.

See more about Fizz in this post, after she'd been here a week, and here after 6 months.

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