The Guardians of Oz - DVD Review

What happened after Dorothy went back to Kansas with Toto? How did the Tin man, Lion and Scarecrow get on with being rulers of Oz? Was Eveline the Wicked Witch of the West really gone for good?

This cartoon introduces us to a small flying monkey, one of the very flock that scared us in the original movie, though this little fellow is far from scary. In a land of magic, it's no surprise that witches don't always stay 'melted' and when Eveline commands her flying monkeys to search for her hidden magic, trapped safely inside a broom, things get complicated.

I really enjoyed this film, although it's obviously aimed at kids. There is a fair bit of fighting, dungeons and chases, which may or may not be to your taste (I know some small boys are over keen to emulate movies!) but the plot is the usual good vs evil one, with the added problem that one of the flying monkeys is questioning the whole 'follow orders even if they are bad', thing....

There are nods to other movies throughout and I enjoyed spotting them, of course my favourite was this nod to Deadpool as a search was underway...

Though this little reminder of Monty Python and the Holy Grail made me snigger too..."is it behind the rabbit?"

Harry Potter was evoked in the flying broom chases, and even King Kong got a look in - I'm sure there are lots more - I'll leave you to spot them all.

It's a fun family movie, made all the better for the total lack of musical numbers (in my opinion) and while it might help to have seen the original Wizard of Oz, it's not essential.

The Guardians of Oz is out on DVD from 13th February.

See the trailer here

Disclosure : I was sent a copy of the DVD for the purposes of this review

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