Mexicana Cheese, a hot and spicy review

I have loved Mexicana cheese since whenever, so I was beyond thrilled when they told me they wanted to send me some cheese!

mexicana cheese logo it bites back

Mexicana cheese is a soft mild cheddar with peppers and chilies running through it. Available as original hot for those of you who are wimps not as brave as me, and extra hot for those of a more macho disposition (insert a macho nacho joke here - I'm too lazy to)

The first thing I tried were the Mexicana slices (a brilliant invention as the cheese itself is quite soft so can be difficult to slice, especially thinly ) on a burger. Appropriate as Mexicana are sponsoring the National Burger Awards 

burger in a brioche bun with mexican cheese and home made chips

 I've tried the extra hot cheese on toast (and discovered that I prefer it cold and eaten with biscuits) and I'm planning some spicy cheese and pineapple on sticks, a hotter version of a 70s party snack - and much underrated. I think that Mexicana agree with me as they have a pack of 'Hot Shots' just crying out for the pineapple treatment.

block of extra hot mexicana cheese with flag
I claim this cheese for me!

I'll be posting any other recipe ideas I try with the cheese, I expect I shall try it on nachos, and pizza next.

I think it's safe to say that I think if you like spicy food then you need Mexicana in your fridge.

Disclosure - I was sent the cheese to review but the obsessive lust I feel for it is all my own.

I love Mexicana cheese heart flag

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