Wordy Wednesday's author interview with Andy Gibney

A controversial book today I expect, but never let it be said I'm into censorship. Today's offering for Wordy Wednesday is the suggestively titled How to Seduce Your wife by Andy Gibney.

For twelve years Andy Gibney was a therapist. His first clients wanted help with phobias, stopping smoking and losing weight, but gradually more and more people came to see him with depression and anxiety. Andy realised that the cause of many of their problems could be traced back to the quality of their relationships. Coming out of a long term relationship himself, Andy found himself on the dating scene, a scene in which the internet had changed everything. Andy found many new experiences were now available to him and as such much of this book comes from the experiences of his old clients and his own interesting adventures in the new era of social media and dating.

As usual I threw some random questions at Andy so we could all find out a little bit more about how he 'ticks'.

Do you have any pets? 
I don’t at the moment, but I like cats and dogs. I had a rabbit a few years ago. It escaped and ran away. And I looked after it really well!

Who is your favourite author? Do they influence your writing or are they a total break from the sort of thing you write?
It changes all the time. At the moment, I’m loving the experience of finding Agatha Christie for the first time. I like her thought process so that has helped. Also, the same thing with Roald Dahl.

Which book(s) are you reading at the moment?
4. Storyteller – Roald Dahl’s biography. Phil Collins’ autobiography and I’ve just finished ‘And Then There Were None’ by Agatha Christie which is one of the best books I’ve ever read. (ooh last weeks author, Malcolm Parnell is a big Agatha Christie fan too, as am I!)

Where do you do most of your writing?
At my office on my computer. Nearly always early before anyone else comes in. Editing I can do if someone else is around. Most of my planning for a book is done in my small office at home.

Tell us about a bit of this book that you like the most - no spoilers!
I really loved writing many of the women’s stories in ‘Seduce’. Some were inspiring and some were hilarious.

What is your favourite biscuit?
Half chocolate Viennese shortbread or in a pinch, a chocolate Hobnob.

Tea or Coffee?
Neither. Haven’t touched caffeine for a dozen years. I am partial to hot chocolate though. (If authors are grouped by beverage choice, I'd have to put you in the group with Kate Harrad)

In the film of your life who would play you?
David Duchovney. If you’ve seen ‘Californication’ I think he already did. Some of it anyway.

If you could genetically cross an animal and a vegetable, what would you pick and why? I like the idea of a water melon sheep dog, just for the 'Melon Collie' pun.
You win the prize for oddest question ever. A cat with a cucumber. A catcumber. (Hmmm would it make itself jump?)

Andy's book How to Seduce Your Wife is published by 3P Publishing Ltd , and they tell me that
"It’s a book every man can learn from and every woman will want to read. "

You can get your own copy from Amazon and read a sample too.

Let me know what you think, are guides to relationships useful? or is the whole dating game so varied they can't help? And do all relationships take work, or should they happen naturally?

Thanks to Andy for taking part in Wordy Wednesday, follow the rest of the blog tour starting here ...

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