Perfect Cheese on Toast

A quick recipe for cheese on toast.
You might think that cheese on toast is the most simple thing in the world, some bread and a couple of slices of cheese and Bob is your proverbial uncle. However I am here to tell you that with only a couple of extra steps you could turn this simple dish into a culinary delight.
wyke farm cheddar cheese

Always use a good cheese, this recipe does lift a boring cheese a bit, but for proper perfect cheese on toast use a good cheddar. I am using some Wyke Farms Mature but creamy cheddar because Wyke Farms sent me some cheeses to try. It is lovely and creamy too, not crumbly but still with a nice mature bite, so it's easy to grate.
grated cheddar cheese

This is handy because grating the cheese is where we begin.


2 slices bread - white, 50/50 or wholemeal as the mood takes you
Cheese - enough for 2 slices toast - only you know how thick you want the cheese, but let's suggest 100/150g
Mayonnaise (I favour Hellman's Light) a good table spoonful
and some mustard - I like a wholegrain mustard, love those seeds. A couple of teaspoons full.
cheese mustard and mayonnaise mix

cheese on toast mix


Grate the cheese, add the mayonnaise and the mustard and mix it all up. Meanwhile grill two slices of bread, grill one side, then partially grill the second side.
cheese on toast before cooking

Divide the cheese mix into two and spread it over the partially grilled side of the toast, grill until golden brown and bubbling. Serve hot! Cheese on toast goes particularly well with cider, I like chilli cider for the added heat.
cheese on toast

Another variation on this recipe is to use finely chopped onions instead of mustard, giving you a lovely cheese and onion toasted snack. (Thanks mum)

Disclosure: I was sent some Wyke Farm cheese in exchange for a blog post but I received no payment and all the ideas are my own.

Wyke Farms Cheese on toast recipe with mustard and mayonnaise

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