Bloggers' Christmas Gift Guide

It's November and time to think about Christmas. Already many blogs are featuring gift ideas from brands that they like, I thought I'd take a different tack and go with a list of gifts bloggers would like to see wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning.

presents under a christmas tree
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So I asked some bloggers about their dream gifts, what would they be asking Santa for? I set them a budget of £50 and this is what they said:

Angela at Cosmic Kick feels that the holiday season is a good time to sort out the ravages of the year and so she will be hoping for some Clarins Eye Revive Serum this year. I use Clarins products too and they are rather lovely, so it's nice when someone buys you something from the range (hint).

Lucy at Lucy Loves is keen to try the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Muse Eyeshadow Palette and even  though I'm the sort of woman that rarely wears makeup I can see why! Such gorgeous golds, perfect for the party season and beyond. Autumn and winter sparkle, just lovely.

Rebecca at Queen Bee Becca and Isla at Isla Roses are both hoping for some makeup brushes this Christmas, and no doubt many other women will be after the same, it's one of those things you forget to replace, or you just buy a cheap one, so wouldn't it be lovely to get a nice set like the Makeup Revolution Collection or the Spectrum Selections set.

Kitty at Kitty Rambles a Lot would like some Curlformers, heat free stylers for amazing hair curls. (they do sound quite amazing,I'm tempted to get some for DD)

Lauren at Belle Du Brighton made me laugh by suggesting that 50 packets of Oreo cookies would be her dream! But she also said that Lush bath products would be welcome so I guess she's fairly easy to buy for. Chocolate and relaxing in the tub.

woman in a bath with christmas theme
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Louise at Louise Rose Railton is also all about the relaxing scents, and would like Santa to treat her to some classic Yankee Candle Melts, a lovely set including the melt warmer to scent a home with three holiday themed melts.

Laura at Mummy Lala is a woman after my own heart and would love some exotic perfume for her Christmas present, specifically the lovely scent of Dior, a 30ml bottle of Miss Dior fits the budget.

Steph at Hello Baby Blog is in love with most items on the SWYC website, but she went with this lovely personalised seagrass beach basket. Something so pretty and so practical.

Lucy at Hello Beautiful Bear would opt for more sparkles but in the form of this delightful Irregular Choice Owl purse. Fun and useful it's a great gift. A purse you'd enjoy pulling out in public to rummage for that odd 5p.

Samantha at Coco Butter Blog would hope Father Christmas would be slipping a Michael Kors card case in metallic leather into her stocking on Christmas eve, a bit of glittery glamour each time you opened your bag.

Chermaine at Chammy in Real Life would choose the swishy sophistication of an over-sized cardigan, great for the cold winter evenings and this one from thirteen clothing looks like the sort of thing that would easily fit the day into night fashion criteria, looking good with jeans or a more fancy evening outfit.

Anna at Anna International is also after something of a more practical nature, and is yearning for warmth and softness while she blogs, in the form of a gorgeous luxury faux fur hot water bottle. (she lives in Yorkshire in an old miners cottage...I'm guessing that's chilly!)

Emma at the Cheshire Wife would like the comfort and style of a Mother sweatshirt, and not only stylish and perfect to relax in, but the sale of every sweatshirt supports women's charity works too. The FMLY philosophy is that style should not only look good, but help others, too. £10 from the sale of the Mother sweatshirt design goes to WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL, who help women in 8 war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programmes. They give women the skills, resources and knowledge to create positive sustainable change for herself, her family and community.

Jenni at Chilling with Lucas is hoping to unwrap some beautiful silver earrings. I feel a real theme of sparkly Christmas gifts in this list - are bloggers actually magpies?

Lucy at The Parent Game may be a magpie, but she is also planning where to store her sparkles, she chose a multi-drawed jewellery box for her perfect Santa gift. Something I need as my jewellery is currently spilling across my en suite!

gold sparkles and perfume
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Sophia at Tattooed Tealady and Lucy at The Two Saving Sisters are both after the helpful and beautiful Lifeplanner from Erin Condren, (I suspect that many of the bloggers that click through that link will want one too now)

Evija at From Evija with Love would like a delicate and pretty tea set for one, perfect for snacking while blogging and still looking lovely on Instagram, Make every sandwich special with this Royal Albert 3 piece set.

Anca at Anca's Lifestyle would like a cocktail set and maybe some drinks to get her started. She wasn't sure where to start so I had a quick look around using our £50 budget and came up with this fun set from Amazon for only £15 leaving plenty of cash for an addition of a couple of bottles of something tasty.

Kate at LesBeMums would like a heap of comic reading from her favourite comic store, I hope Father Christmas knows her favourites.

Not all of the bloggers I asked were looking purely at fun and frolics though, a couple saw Christmas a chance to get some extras they needed for blogging,

Sam at Testing Time Blog was after some better lighting for her blog photos and so Emma (a Cheshire wife) suggested this Pop up Lightcase. While Ami at Ami Rose was after a tripod like this compact one from Currys.

Thanks to all the bloggers who told me what they lusted after this Christmas. Feel free to come and tell me what you would like to see under your tree this year over at Facebook.

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