Wordy Wednesday with - Dogs!

If you like books about dogs, more specifically about terriers and even more specifically written by terriers then today's book suggestions are for you!

Fizz the border terrier puppy
Fizz - my border terrier

One of my favourite books of all time is by Rudyard Kipling. Called Thy Servant, a Dog, it tells the simple tale of Boots and Slippers two terriers (Aberdeen terriers) who meet and live together, of their adventures with the small human that later appears, and their friendship with hunt hounds. It has thrills (when they meet a bull in the yard!) and sadness. Written very much in a style that terrier owners will recognise "I have eaten grass and sicked up I am happy dog" it is just lovely. I think it's now out of print but you can grab an old copy either in a good second hand book shop or online if you are lucky, or read it free online here. It contains scenes that may upset younger readers.

The next book on my suggestions list is Dear Clementina, once again a terrier meets a friend in the park, and then letters are exchanged. The terriers in this story are Border Terriers (my favourite breed) and Stanley writes endearing tales to Clementina. The story starts as Stanley and Clementina meet in a Manchester park. As many young puppies are, Stanley is a mischief and a trouble maker, but even when stealing socks he is far too cute for anyone to be angry for long. Stanley's first year is a fun read for dog owners and non dog owners alike, if you are getting a puppy maybe reading this will prepare you! (or put you off!! haha) You can get a copy of Dear Clementina on Amazon. It is wittily illustrated through out. Perfect for bedtime reading,  with a letter a night from Stanley.

Not all border terriers are living a (mostly) peaceful life in Manchester though, and in Wingin' it with the Wright Brothers we meet Angus (a fictional creation, unlike Stanley) the Wright Brother's dog. He guides us through all that they get up to, thus adding some terrier thoughts to a historical incident. Angus is also a border terrier. Angus insists it was he that gave the brothers the idea of making a flying machine! You can get a copy of this book on Amazon too. And if you like dog stories try others in the Tall Tales range.

Lastly a book for grown ups and young adults. If you have lived your life without reading Fluke by James Herbert - now is the time. A book about a dog who thinks he's a man or a man who thinks he's a dog. A truly amazing tale of intrigue, mystery and adventure. Not for the faint hearted there are some genuinely scary moments and some very sad ones, but an excellent story by a world class story teller.

Do you know any books written by animals? I'd love to do a round up of more! pop over to facebook to let me know or tweet me.

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